NightLase Sleep Apnea Treatments

NightLase is used for patients that have swelling with weakening of tissue of the soft palate, which is the back of the throat. When someone is lying down, weakened tissue can collapse causing obstruction of the airway. Snoring is a sign you may need NightLase. Snoring reflects partial obstruction, while apnea occurs when there is complete obstruction of the airway causing cessation in breathing for varied amounts of time. Snoring and apnea both decrease the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain needed for mood, memory, energy, and preventing cardiac events such as stroke and heart attack. If you know you have sleep apnea and are currently using a sleep device such as BIPAP or CPAP you are most likely an excellent candidate for NightLase. 

The following symptoms are signs you may have a problem related to obstruction or apnea: 

1. High blood pressure, especially if difficult to control with medications

2. Waking with a headache 

3. Fatigue, especially if you wake feeling “unrefreshed”

4. Elevated ferritin levels or fatty liver