Fotona NightLase Therapy

Fotona NightLase Therapy

The new non-invasive Fotona NightLase Therapy treatments have been proven to increase the quality of patient’s sleep.

At Oregon Derma Center, we have the latest and greatest technology and procedures to help you get the best night’s sleep possible.

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More Information

Non-Invasive Treatment

Immediate Results

● Feel More Rested

Alleviate Partner Irritation

● Sleep Through The Night

● Enjoy More Energy

● Higher Level of Focus When Rested

Fast, Safe & Effective

With the Fotona NightLase, we are safely able to optimize the laser pulse to allow for precision penetration into the oral mucosa tissue at the optimal heat point for treatment for effectiveness inside the mouth.

Comfortable & Satisfying Results

Dual-wavelength laser system in the Fotona offers comfortable and satisfying results you will notice, every night you actually sleep. Our top of the line laser treatments for sleep apnea utilize state of the art Fotona NightLase systems with dynamic controls to ensure satisfying results. .

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Oregon Derma Center’s new office is conveniently located in McMinnville, Oregon, just outside of Portland. Our Board Certified Naturopathic Physicians work directly with you to answer all of your questions, ensuring you get the information and services you need in the areas you want to improve. If you would like to learn more about our Snoring and Sleep Apnea treatments, we are always happy to answer all of your questions so you have the information your need to make an informed decision.

Our team is always willing to answer questions, meet with patients and help to inform you about your options.

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