• PDO thread lifts are changing the lives of countless people who want a youthful, vibrant look, without going under the knife. Have you lost weight? Is aging pulling you down? Do you want immediate results? If so, a PDO lift may be right for you. Here’s 11 reasons why you
  • Oregon Derma Center is proud to be one of the leading medical aesthetic wellness centers in the Northwest utilizing the revolutionary Fotona 4d Laser Therapy systems. Lighting The Way The dual-wavelength laser system in the Fotona offers satisfying results you will notice, every night. Our top of the line laser
  • Medical science will always be evolving and with health; the ability to appear youthful goes hand in hand. Would you believe that one of the best-known agents for smoothing out wrinkles was developed from one of the deadliest toxins to humans. We are talking about Botox and although we mostly
  • How to Prevent Breaking Out After Wearing a Face Mask Wearing a face mask is essential for preventing the spread of COVID-19. However, frequently wearing a mask can cause an unpleasant side effect - breakouts. It is common to experience clogged pores and pimples in areas that the mask touches

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